who we are

Company Introduction

Asia Smart Consulting Limited is a global enterprise based in China. Created in 2006, our mission is to help our customers source the product they need without compromise on quality at a competitive price. To achieve this, we provide our experience in product development, industrial manufacturing, and quality management in China. Our team is composed by French and Chinese collaborators with expertise in different technical fields requiring high quality.

our strengths


Our company has been in the business of sourcing and trading in China for 15 years. We conduct due diligence, sort and select suppliers, as well as negotiating and supervising the production process until products are ready to be shipped.


Being the biggest issue in China, it is of course our most important focus. Quality starts with well defined criteria, a serious check of sample for validation and of course a constant supervision of the product either at the beginning of the production, the middle or before departure when products are ready to be shipped. Preparing the ground to avoid quality issue is our first concern, but we are experienced in dealing with quality issue and finding the right solutions to solve them and meet customer expectations.


For each project, we establish realistic deadlines and make sure to plan accordingly to meet customer requirements.


Being at the center of one of the biggest manufacturing hubs of China, we are 1 to 2 hours away from thousands of suppliers, making it easy to inspect factories, have face to face meetings, make progress on project or solve issues.

our team

Dov Azoulay


Fluent in French, English and Chinese, he graduated from Toulouse Business School and from Arizona State University in finance, After working at various companies he became the director of Asia Smart Consulting.

Mrs Deng

Purchasing Director

Mrs Deng has a long experience in dealing with purchasing and suppliers relationships, a key expertise when sourcing in China.

Mr He

Quality and Production supervisor

Mr Jian

QC inspector

Mr ren

Second QC inspector

our location in China

Our office is located in Hangzhou city, capital of Zhejiang. Zhejiang province is a neighbor province of Shanghai, and Hangzhou city is only 120 km far from Shanghai (45 minutes by train).

Zhejiang province is considered as one of the main manufacturing hubs in China. It is close to Ningbo which is one of the most important port in China and an industrial powerhouse.