practical case study

Case Study 1 : Manufacturing Strategy

Issue :

ASIA SMART CONSULTING helped a customer develop a range of kitchen accessories composed of a main product and extra items to be all packed into a customized package. The customer was skeptical about factories’ integrity and ability to handle the whole product assembly.

Asia Smart Solution
  • We sourced and selected several suppliers for the main product, and extra items separately
  • We developed customized packaging with selected printers that had no relationships with the factory making the main product
  • We organized stocks of semi-finished materials stored in china to be ready for production 
  • Implementation of full quality control on each item, primary, secondary, and packaging
  • Shortened production times
  • Controlled quality and prices, as well as optimal supplier diversification
  • We reduced dependence from factories, since we sourced ourselves all extra items and printed packaging
  • Customization and quality of extra items and packaging greatly improved from original factory proposal
  • Customer was free to change supplier or make them compete without being dependent on them for packaging and extra-items
  • Storage at low cost in China allowed customer to save storage fees in North america

Case Study 2 : Working With COSTCO

Issue :

Customer received an order from COSTCO, with the obligation to strictly follow COSTCO process though he never dealt with COSTCO before 

Asia Smart Solution
  • We diversified suppliers and planned 
  • We went through the whole COSTCO quality requirement book
  • We selected and prepared factories for COSTCO audits and test labs
  • We developed COSTCO special blister packaging, including COSTCO cartons and COSTCO Pallets ( PODS)
  • Diversification of suppliers and organization of production schedules
  • We sourced a custom designed machine to make COSTCO blister packaging, went through calibration, sample production and mass production with our team being in the factory at all times
  • Customer was able to meet all COSTCO requirements: quality, packaging, audits, logistics and schedule
  • Customer saved 70% of packaging cost compared to what he would have payed in the US
  • Customer managed to receive another COSTCO order

Case Study 3 : Development of a Customized Range of Furniture

Issue :

Customer wanted to source specific office furniture for his new co-working space, product must be half assembled, customized and delivered in paris according to schedule

Asia Smart Solution
  • We went through product development and sample testing and validation for each product
  • We made sure product respected France office furniture regulations
  • We supervised quality control over production
  • We organized all the logistics and containers consolidation to be delivered in PARIS on time